Young people in Danmark attend "gymnasium", or upper secondary school, between 16 and 19 years. "Gymnasium" lasts 3 years and ends with students taking the upper secondary school leaving examination.

Stenloese Gymnasium & Hf offers three different instructions to the students.

  • Gymnasium (it takes 3 years)
  • Hf (It takes 2 years and starts after the 10th form. Hf has always been both youth and adult education and was intended to be an alternative to the more academic education of the "gymnasium".)
  • a lot of different courses for adults
  • 600 students attend Stenloese Gymnasium & Hf. There are 3 steps per 15 classes and 4 hf-classes (=19 classes with 28 students), 75 daytime teachers and 4 study advisers who give special information.

The course guidance service in the school of Denmark

In every Danish secondary school there is a guidance councelor´s office where students are told everything they have to know about school in the point of organisation. In Stenlose Gymnasium five guidance councelor´s advise the students. Each one of them looks after three to five classes therefore every class has one counceler.
There are two kinds of advice: on the one hand the general one for the whole class on the other hand students can get help if they have any private problems. During the first of the three years they go to that school students are tought about everything connected with well proved laerning methods, with optimal subjects as well as preparing for an exam. In the second year the main emphasis is put on the problem of looking for a job. Students learn to write a letter of application and how to behave when they have an interview. In the third year at last students are informed about universities and the possibilities of study. The individual consultancy is used by students who have problems at school (e.g. with their class or with a teacher) or at home-students who need some support or consolation. At the age of 18 every Danish student gets a financial support of about 1200 krona a month by the government. This financial support may also come more for example when the parents don't earn much money or when the students move away from home. For that case there are catalouges about special flats for young people. The guidance councelors also deal with students who play truant. If that problem arises there is a fixed plan that is followed step by step. When a student attracts attention by playing truant very often the first step is a discussion with the headmaster of the school. The next step is a letter to the parents. If the student in this state doesn't stop playing truant, he or she has to take an exam in every subject. Students who fail this exam will be excluded from school. It's true this is a long way but there have only been twenty students who had to take this exam and around seven ones who have been excluded from Stenloese Gymnasium because of playing truant.

The history of the Stenloese Gymnasium

The school was founded in 1979 and was inaugurated in 1981 (because of construction works). Stenloese Gymnasium offers many activities, for example, the choir, theatre orchestra and many kinds of ball sports. One time a week there is a morning meeting with some news and a special programme (organized by one class). There is a Music evening -"Spring concert"- with singing and a lot of funny games one time a year, too. The school possesses a school committee (students from all classes ), that is responsible for organizing special events and finding solutions for problems. The Gymnasium has special subject rooms for Music, Geography and laboratories for Chemistry. In 1990 the student's exchange began and the first exchange with Potsdam was in 1992. Between 1992 and 2000 7 times exchanges took place. Stenloese Gymnasium & Hf has partnerchips with different schools in England, Holland, Belgium, France and in Germany (Eisenach+Potsdam).